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Steamworks is highly integrated into not only the school's culture but also the educational curriculum. With all STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) subjects using the Steamworks facilities. All Year Seven's get a couple of weeks in Steamworks to get to know what it does, what it offers, and how everything works. 

Steamworks currently has four dedicated subjects, two in Year Nine and two in Year Ten. The Year Nine subjects are Flight, Drones, and Design and Next Generation Design.

In Flight Drones and Design where students learn the basic principles of flight, as well as how planes, drones, and the various airspaces are used in the real world. They are also taught the basic physics of flight and how Planes and other air vehicles take flight.

In the other Year NIne subject, Next Generation Design, students learn the core principles of design and how to apply those principles and skills in the real world.


In both subjects, students are given real-life problems to solve, problems like designing an efficient house to go into a new building development or how to design a more fuel-efficient aircraft. This allows for better and easier incorporation of skills into future learning and to transition those skills into real-life problem-solving.


Year Ten's two subjects both expand on the Next Generation Year Nine subject, with Biotech Solutions and Future Enterprises. Both subjects revolve around designing a product, making a pitch to support your product, and then pitching it to either a teacher and live audience. Students are encouraged to design products that both help and support people (or animals in the case of biotech solutions) in the real world.


Below we have pictures of students in some of the subjects, along with some examples of work done in these subjcts in Steamworks.


Going anti-clockwise from top left:

Year 10 Future Enterprises

A digital room temperature gauge

Year 9 Flight experiment calculating distance

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